Are You Running On Empty? Midwife Self-Care

You’re racing to the hospital to help deliver babies, you’re up half the night on shift, you’re most likely also caring for your own children or others in your family, as you’re just good at that kinda stuff, it’s your thing. And there’s not much time left for you, nor energy left in your tank. Sound  Read More >

Birth Stories Across Generations – Reflections from the 2016 Normal Labour and Birth Conference

  Dr Lesley Kay is a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at the Kingston & St George's University of London. She presented her talk, Hearing stories of birth in pregnancy: A hermeneutic phenomenological study of women’s experiences across two generations, at the 2016 Normal Labour and Birth Conference and I’m just  Read More >

Oxytocin for Birth: The Orgasmic Formula Every Midwife Should Recommend

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that getting a woman’s oxytocin flowing prior to and during birth is only going to be helpful. There are many ways to do encourage the flow of oxytocin for birth and I hear women talking about them quite a bit – nipple stimulation, massage, acupressure, sex – but I wonder if  Read More >

Dried Dates to Prepare for Birth

Naomi Abeshouse Benko 6 Dates a Day! If you have a client who is nearing the end of her pregnancy, it's time to suggest 6 dates a day. No, not dates of the Tinder variety! But she can now enjoy eating the lovely, super sweet dried fruit. A client asked me about eating dried dates to prepare for birth a little while  Read More >

Improving Immunity While Shift Working

  Improving immunity while shift working is important for you, and tricky. Although much of the research into the link between sleep and immunity is inconclusive, you know that when you’re sleep deprived you feel run down, and this is often the time when that cold, flu, digestive disturbance or migraine sets in. In  Read More >

How to Reduce Exhaustion on a Night Shift – for Midwives, Nurses and Health Professionals

Night shifts can be harsh on your health. They may start out okay but I think we all know it’s just not right to be up all night. We don’t need science to tell us that, we can feel it. Being a midwife is a real calling. Supporting women through the miracle of birth is an incredible skill and such an important job for the  Read More >

6 Natural Birth Prep Techniques That Don’t Include Acupressure

When it comes to natural birth prep techniques, you probably know that we are passionate advocates of acupressure. It’s gentle, effective, comforting, and it’s backed by a plethora of research. But if you haven’t yet taken our acupressure course for midwives or if your client isn’t keen to give it a try, we recommend  Read More >

In Utero: An Honest Review of the Film

Rebecca Mar Young I went to see the In Utero film recently in Randwick at a special screening. I thought going in that it was more for people like myself who are passionate about birth and pregnancy. I was surprised to find that I was wrong. This film is important for us all: women, men, mothers, fathers,  Read More >

Perspectives on Safety During Labour – from the 11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference 2016

By Rebecca Mar Young Following on from my last post on the 11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference 2016, I wanted to share some important information that stayed with me and had a lasting impact. Margaret McCormick, a midwife educator from Melbourne who is currently undertaking a PhD, talked about women’s perception of  Read More >

Acupressure to Ease Birthing Mother’s Distress

  In a wonderful example of the power of acupressure, our student, Midwife of 29 years, Sarah Jobson, used points she'd learned in our accredited home study program for midwives on her birthing client. Not only did she ease the birthing mother's distress, she helped the baby descend and get the mum back into the  Read More >