CPD CEU Online Acupressure Course for Midwives and Doulas

 Attention busy midwives looking for effective natural techniques to

improve birthing experiences for the women in your care

Discover the ancient secrets to help mums get the

natural birth they really want.

Help them embrace their inner strength, reclaim their power

and deliver like you know they can.

A HOME STUDY course accredited by
the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) for 1.65 CEUs.
Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activity for 16.5 CPDs.

Dear Passionate Midwife,CPD recognition from the Australian College of Midwives

Are you tired of women not being properly informed?

Are you saddened watching your clients’ faces as they struggle through a cascade of medical intervention?

Does it frustrate you that fear takes the driver’s seat in so many births?

Many midwives and birth workers feel the same way and many women we have spoken to often feel traumatised after their birthing experience.

Pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers

If you’re like many of the midwives we work with:

  • You want to help women be better informed and give them more choice
  • You are keen to learn easy, natural techniques and see immediate results
  • You often struggle to help women get into their bodies during birth, so that they can birth to the best of their ability
  • You work long hours, which takes its toll. You want to feel vibrantly healthy, however, you don’t have time to take care of yourself properly.

You may also be feeling:

  • Exhausted by late nights, long days and gruelling shifts
  • Frustrated that women are sacrificing their inner power and authority
  • Worried that the C-section rate is on the rise with many women not given the opportunity to allow their bodies a chance to do what they were made to do.

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - Naomi and Rebecca Naomi Abeshouse and myself (Rebecca Mar Young) are both incredibly passionate about improving birth for women. We believe that this starts during pregnancy, blossoms during birth and then support is dearly needed post-natally. That is why we created the Red Tent Health Centre − so we could treat and support women throughout this crucial time, and this is also why we’ve gone on to create Acubirth® for Midwives, so that women everywhere may experience the benefits of Chinese medicine.

Naomi and I both studied at UTS and have a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We’ve both gone on to do postgraduate study in obstetric acupuncture, paediatric acupuncture and herbal medicine, and studied the gentle, effective Japanese style of acupuncture. Naomi is a Doula and has attended many births using her skills in acupuncture and acupressure to help women during labour. I’m also a prenatal yoga teacher and have had the privilege of teaching many women in the lead-up to their birth.

We believe that the transition from pregnancy through birth to motherhood is incredibly life changing, not only the first time, but the second and third as well. And we feel so humbled and grateful to be sought out by so many pregnant women at this time to help them on their journey to the other side with our acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - Naomi AbeshouseNaomi’s Story

It’s the most joyous part of my job, being a part of the special gift of pregnancy. Regardless of the numbers, each client brings in the miracle of life in their bellies and I can’t help but get excited by it! When I see a woman come in with something as common as morning sickness, terribly affecting her quality of life and the enjoyment of her pregnancy, it’s such a wonderful feeling to be a part of transforming her from a pale, yellow and wan figure to radiating with luscious health.

Pregnancy is such a powerful time in a woman’s life. An incredible life change on so many levels. In some ways, it feels like whilst you are supporting her to have a more comfortable pregnancy, it allows her the freedom to embrace the changes and face the future with more ease. To me, it seems natural that this should have a large impact on how she adapts physically and mentally as a mother, and helps ease the way for that new little life to come through.

I get so frustrated knowing we have these remedies at our fingertips that can enable women to have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy and birth, and that they so often miss out on the opportunity to reach their potential.

As a result, both the mothers and bubs face many unnecessary struggles. We have helped countless mothers avoid a medical induction. By avoiding this intervention, I believe with our treatments we have allowed many women to have natural vaginal births, which supports better breastfeeding and attachment, and avoids postnatal complications.

It was when I was practising in birth support that I started to realise that these miraculous techniques were more than random one-offs.

They are really effective, consistent and reliable. I repeatedly witnessed firsthand how a few minutes of acupressure could turn births around. I saw babies jumping up in the bellies and turning out of back labour. I saw nausea and vomiting stop the minute it started. I saw women calm within seconds from a state of terror.

It was when I was walking down the corridors in the labour ward hearing other women scream in pain and fear, I knew that I had to find a way to reach them. Of course, the midwives presented as the obvious bridge. This was even more obvious as many of the midwives would become curious to see what had turned around in what they had written off as a difficult, long birth or an inevitable C-section.

Whilst it’s so rewarding working individually with our clients, it just felt so wrong that most women would never be able to
receive the benefits.


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pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - sleeping baby

Acupuncture is expensive and usually limited to upper to middle class women with private health insurance. Many women also are never informed of its benefits, so unless they are told by a friend or midwife, or do their own research, they miss out.

I taught a few classes to Doulas, and had some great results and taught the techniques to some couples coming through the clinic. However, when I joined forces with Rebecca, she was running more group courses for couples and so our passion for teaching blossomed. It was so inspiring seeing the eagerness of the couples, and how it boosted their confidence going into birth. We continued to get fabulous feedback.

Rebecca and I talked about our frustrations with mothers having such limited access to these techniques and started tackling ways to make them more available.

We started running courses for midwives and birth workers with great success and became inspired to make the reach of our courses further − so online was the obvious solution.

I am so grateful that the midwives we have encountered are so open and receptive to learning what we have to share. It’s moving to find a bunch of professionals who most genuinely care about the needs of their clients. It’s deeply rewarding to join forces with you to better our health care for birthing mums.

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - Rebecca Mar YoungRebecca’s Story

I’m a mother of a gorgeous six-year-old girl Eedi and sweet little boy Axel, who is two.

In the lead-up to his birth I felt far more prepared as I’d already given birth to Eedi! I’d gone to private birth prep classes, I’d taught my hubby and my sister how to use acupressure, I’d treated hundreds if not thousands of pregnant women myself, I’d read articles, done my meditations, listened to many positive stories −
but I have to say…

When it came down to it,
there was that shadow of doubt within me.
Would I be able to give birth naturally without drugs?
Would I be able to have the birth I had dreamed of?
Was it possible for me?

So even though I had a lot of experience through my work, and I’d given birth once before, it didn’t make me immune to the fears and struggles of birth.

I was more than a week overdue and I continued with acupressure and acupuncture treatments whilst remaining in close contact with my midwife. I desperately wanted to avoid a medical induction. I wanted my natural love hormones to power the birth of this baby, not some drip. I had gone into labour naturally with Eedi at eight days over, so when I was eight days over with Axel and there were no signs, I was worried.

Pre-labour started on day 9 and was on and off for days. Eventually, It was Naomi with her awesome acupuncture that got me into established labour on day 11 – amazing stuff – and something that I would highly recommend if acupressure isn’t strong enough, because sometimes it isn’t.

During the birth, I didn’t want my hubby or my sister to leave my side for even a moment as they were using acupressure to help me through every contraction. It felt amazingly soothing, calming and was an incredible support.

Best of all, it helped me to manage the pain and to connect with my body and to let go.

It was an experience I will never forget. Six hours later, out came baby Axel. I was one very happy and ecstatic mummy on an Oxytocin high. I had done it. I had given birth naturally without drugs and it felt incredible. Axel was alert from day one, and continues to be a calm, relaxed and happy baby.

Going through birth was a turning point for me. It made me realize how important these acupressure techniques are and how unfair it is that so many couples don’t have access to them.

Although I had taught couples acupressure for birth prior to my own experiences, I had a completely new perspective after experiencing birth myself. Many past participants mentioned that they didn’t think they would have made it through the birth without acupressure, and after my birth experiences, I completely agree! Without it, I just could not have coped.

As well as being an obstetric acupuncturist, I’m a prenatal yoga teacher. I’ve taught students to stop cramps in their tracks during class using acupressure points, relieve headaches and diminish heartburn within seconds. The students are always amazed and super keen to learn more! Many of them go on to do our acupressure for birth courses and experience wonderfully empowered births.

I feel incredibly privileged to work with pregnant women, to help them through their ups and downs in the lead-up to their birth.

I love it when they’ve had no idea how effective these natural remedies can be. Once they have experienced the wonderful changes, they’re all excited and keen to integrate Chinese medicine into their life forever more, with not only themselves but with their new bubbas and family.

Going through birth myself has entrenched a strong compassion within me for all mums and mums-to-be. And this is the driving force behind my desire to teach midwives and birth workers.

Both Naomi and myself have been inspired by our different journeys and have a burning passion to pass on our skills to you, the midwives and birth workers on the front line. We want to teach you all the eastern techniques you need to build confidence in the women in your care, allowing them to feel their inner power and authority and to trust it. This way their pregnancy will be more enjoyable, their birth more joyous and motherhood a smoother ride.

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - earn CPD and CEU points

So that’s why we created this special teleseminar program:

Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps, Births & Babies

A fully accredited teleseminar HOME STUDY course with
the ACM for 16.5 CPD points & the ACNM for 1.65 CEUs


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CPD recognition from the Australian College of MidwivesEarn CEU points from the ACNMThis program is unique and fun. It will give you quick results for many of the problems you arefacing with the women in your care. You can listen to the program in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

You will learn:

  • Acupressure points to support women through pregnancy with conditions such as nausea and hip pain
  • Secrets of Chinese medicine and how this eastern science can help you and the women in your care birth better
  • The biggest mistake that can hinder labour progressing
  • How to get women in touch with their bodies, especially when they find it hard or aren’t used to it
  • What the heck Chinese medicine has to do with motherhood and how it can turn things around
  • Two magical acupressure points for calming a mother when she’s in labour
  • The best point for diminishing pain during a contraction
  • Why the first month after a woman has given birth is one of the most important of her life
  • The biggest mistake that can affect a smooth start to breastfeeding
  • The best tips for looking after yourself to keep you feeling energetic, nourished and cared for

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers home study program


Elide Newton – Midwife  Orange NSW

“She found these points amazing. She couldn’t have a contraction without them being pressed!!”

“Her baby was in the posterior position and gave her strong and painful ‘back labour’ that lasted all night. She was unable to get any sleep all night and required use of nitrous gas and morphine. The next morning she was still contracting irregularly in the latent phase of labour, she was exhausted and her baby was still posterior.

The first [acupressure] points I chose to use were to help rotate the baby out of the posterior position. She felt lots of movements and slightly more comfortable in her back. She also noticed the intensity of contractions increased while we used the points. I also noticed she had occasional leg twitches while I used the points, as if almost the muscles could notice the movement of Qi and the change in flow.

On abdominal palpation 15 minutes after the acupressure her baby appeared to be lying ROL. Within 30 minutes her contractions started to establish more frequently, started getting stronger and she felt more pressure downwards with them. She also stated that the points ‘felt good’. She progressed into active labour and managed to labour with no pharmacological pain relief.

We used BL-32 and KI-1 for pain relief during each contraction. She found these points amazing. She couldn’t have a contraction without them being pressed!! So after a few hours of active labour and many successful acupressure points, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I loved the use of acupressure in her labour and birth. Not only did the woman feel high on endorphins from her empowering labour, but
I felt empowered as a midwife
to help her get into more comfortable efficient labour without a medical induction or any intervention. I feel these techniques made a huge difference to her labour and birth.”


Kate Parker – Midwife  Sydney

“Bubby was out in 40 minutes. I was amazed.”

“I work at a high-risk tertiary hospital and often don’t get to see a normal birth. To see something like Acubirth was going to be really different. I’m very much a fan of alternative therapies and minimizing medical intervention where possible and when appropriate. I’ve been able to use the techniques with my follow-through women.

There was this one lady, 20 years old, who had opted for an epidural before I arrived. She was in late first stage, however her contractions had all but fizzled out. Within ten minutes of using the Acubirth techniques she started to be able to feel her contractions through her epidural, whereas previously she had complete block and couldn’t feel anything. She got enough sensation back where she was able to direct her pushing and push really effectively and for a first baby, from start to finish of pushing, bubby was out in 40 minutes! I was amazed!

The mother said she found even just the action of doing acupressure was relaxing and it gave her something else to focus on. So she felt the change as well.”


Olivia Pigeot and her baby boy Johnnie  Sydney

“I felt really supported by him, and I really needed to feel his touch – stroking me and using the acupressure.”

“The whole pregnancy I was terrified of the pain of giving birth, and I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible. So when I heard about the Acubirth course, I was hoping to find ways to help with pain relief. It was great to have my partner being proactive and not just standing around. I felt really supported by him, and I really needed to feel his touch − stroking me and using the acupressure.

I was shocked with the level of pain during birth − nobody told me it was going to be this bad! I needed him to use the points and they gave me a lot of relief, so I wanted him to hold them throughout the whole birth. My mother was also there to help and they kind of did a tag team around me. It was great. My baby couldn’t get out of the back labour position and got stuck and distressed and I ended up having a Caesarean, but I feel like we did all we could and I really felt supported throughout the whole thing. I ended up with my precious little boy and all was well.”


Barbara Stokes – Midwife – Parkes

“As our mother responded very well, my nurse was really amazed.”

Many thanks for your wonderful Acubirth workshop. I have been singing your praises ever since returning to Parkes. My first night at work after your workshop, I had the most wonderful young woman who responded beautifully to the acupressure that I tried. I work in a small rural hospital, with an enrolled Nurse to help. I had your workshop book out on our desk. My Nurse kept going out to see what points I was using.

As our mother responded very well, my nurse was really amazed. Hopefully some of our other midwives will see themselves going to Sydney to do this workshop. Thank you again for an excellent, professional workshop.

Eileen – Midwife – Acubirth course Melbourne 2011

“She got effective relief, I was stoked”

“Hi Rebecca and Naomi, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have come back sprouting it to all, in fact one of my colleagues presented with severe “indigestion” and after eliminating a cardiac event I tried the PC-6 and the ST-44 and she admitted she got effective relief, I was stoked. Thanks again Eileen.

Sylvia Jenkin – Midwife – Perth Western Australia

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - midwife Sylvia Jenkin“She could feel the baby moving whilst I was doing acupressure. Within two hours her baby’s head was in the middle of her pelvis”

I would like to share with you one of my first experiences since completing the Ancient Secrets Acubirth Course. I met this beautiful lady during a night shift where she presented in established labour. Her first baby was born via caesarean as the baby was mal-positioned and “too big” for her petite size.

This time she desperately wanted to give birth naturally. When she came to hospital she already has been contracting at home for many hours. On arrival to hospital, her baby’s head wasn’t engaged in her pelvis, in fact it was very high and the chances of coming down were low.

I suggested we use acupressure and she was keen. I used SP6, BL 60, GB 21, BL 67 and LI 4 on a regular basis. She could feel the baby moving whilst I was doing acupressure. Within two hours her baby’s head was in the middle of her pelvis. After another two and a half hours, her baby was born naturally. We were totally thrilled, especially because this baby was bigger than her first born!


The biggest mistakes that are costing the women in your care the

beautiful birth you know they are capable of:

  • Their inability to connect with their body
  • Their lack of faith in their inner authority and wisdom
  • Their anxiety that only increases as they draw closer to birth

Connecting with their body starts during pregnancy and increases during birth and postnatally. Never is there a time in their life when this is more paramount.

Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps Births & Babies

An accredited teleseminar HOME STUDY course with
the ACM for 16.5 CPD points & the ACNM for 1.65 CEUs

When: You can start this whenever works for you – that’s the beauty of it – it’s completely flexible.

Our course starts with pregnancy and is called AcuPregnancy. This stage of the course will:

  • Explain the Chinese medicine view of pregnancy, and how this is relevant to your midwifery practice and improving the pregnancy experience for the women in your care.
  • Teach you some precious acupressure points that are used to reduce common symptoms during pregnancy such as nausea, hip pain and constipation.
  • Give tips on foods to avoid in the lead-up to birth so that the start of labour isn’t impeded.
  • Inform you of the latest in research in regards to acupressure and acupuncture for pregnancy.

The second stage of the course is all about birth and we call it AcuBirth. In this stage of the course you will:

  • Learn how we see birth in Chinese medicine and how this eastern philosophy will have a positive impact on the women in your care.
  • Discover special acupressure points that will help diminish pain, establish regular contractions, stop vomiting and reduce panic.
  • Hear some real-life examples so you can become accustomed to how they work in practice and the great results they can produce for your clients.

The third stage is about the mother postnatally and her baby. We call this stage AcuMum and AcuBaby. In this stage of the course you will:

  • Uncover why the first month after the birth of bubby is one of the most important in a mother’s life.
  • Learn some amazing acupressure points that help with her let-down reflex to ensure great milk supply, help encourage the uterus back to original size and a point to help relieve mastitis.
  • Discover some need-to-know points for baby that will help with jaundice and calming them down.
  • Find out how to improve babies’ immune and digestive systems with special massage techniques that mothers can easily learn from you.

The fourth stage is AcuMidwife and this stage is all about you. In Chinese medicine there is a saying: ‘To nourish the child, you first need to nourish the mother.” In this case, the women you care for are effectively your children and you, looking after them as their midwife, are their mother. So, it is incredibly important that you know how to take care of you. In this stage you will:

  • Discover the most important key to make sure you are taking care of yourself
  • Find out how Chinese medicine can help you achieve balance and vitality in your life

The final stage will cover Case Studies and Revision. We will also revise some of the key aspects of the stages we have covered to make sure you are comfortable with the techniques and the information. You will go away feeling excited, revitalised and confident that you have new tools and tips to share with the mums in your care that will change the face of their pregnancy, birth and motherhood experience.

Throughout the course, you can get your questions answered by Rebecca & Naomi on our private community forum. You will also have the opportunity to integrate all of your knowledge by completing two case studies and having personal feedback on how you have done, what you could have done etc. We want you to come away from this course knowing how to best use the Acubirth(R) techniques so the women in your care can also experience the many benefits to their pregnancy, birth and mothering experience.


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acupressure home study course for midwives - sleeping baby


Rachel Yates – Midwife – Home Study Program Student 2014

“I have enjoyed this course and believe it has enhanced my practice as a midwife and for women in my care…I have listened to a few calls more than once to enhance my learning!

A G3P2 labouring woman had a wonderful birth with only non-pharmacological pain relief. She was a social induction at 38+2 weeks gestation – ARM and Oxytocin infusion. She was a cephalic OP position with a high presenting part… I think I really helped her to stay calm and focused. She was very distressed as her relationship had recently ended. She had a 2hr 45min labour. She was wrapped and commented that the pressure points I used really helped her. Minimal blood loss and the baby breast fed within 20min of birth. I felt these points provided great pain relief, rotation and descent of the baby.

I feel pleased to be able to help empower women and their partners even more with some pressure points that help themselves at times when they feel helpless – especially when the results are so positive. I am enjoying learning some great non invasive skills to support and help women the best I can.”

Rebecca Robinson – Midwife – Home Study Program Student 2014

“I am really excited as I have been practising some of these pressure points and have had fantastic feedback from the women and it actually does work! Even my work colleges are all wanting to know points and are talking about it.”

Penita Teague – Midwife – Home Study Program Student 2014

“Recently I had a multi and 34 weeks gestation. She often complains of reflux especially at night. After discussing simple ways of decreasing her reflux ie small frequent meals, avoiding acidic foods, eating at the dinner table and not in front of the television, avoiding over eating at night and eating at least two to three hours before going to bed at night. I decided to suggest the ST – 44. She didn’t have reflux at the time of our appointment but thought she may try it later when it occurred. She called me the following day with positive news that the ST-44 point relieved her of reflux almost immediately. She was very surprised about how quickly it worked. She found it easy to perform on herself with no discomfort.”

Barbara Stokes – Midwife – Acubirth Sydney April 21, 2011

“Many thanks for your wonderful Acubirth workshop. I have been singing your praises ever since returning to Parkes.

My first night at work after your workshop, I had the most wonderful young woman who responded beautifully to the acupressure that I tried.

I work in a small rural hospital, with an enrolled Nurse to help. I had your workshop book out on our desk. My Nurse kept going out to see what points I was using. As our mother responded very well, my nurse was really amazed.

Hopefully some of our other midwives will see themselves going to Sydney to do this workshop.

Thank you again for an excellent, professional workshop.”

Chris Bartlett  Midwife  Victoria

ancient secrets for better bumps births and babies graduate - midwife chris bartlett“I said let’s try some acupressure. So we did and the baby descended and she had her baby in less than an hour”

I’ve been a midwife for over 30 years and I’ve watched more and more women end up with more and more intervention, more drugs, opt out for epidurals without even thinking about it and watched the forcep rates, vacuum rates and caesarian rates just go up and up. I’m always trying to get women to see another way. That’s why I wanted to do the Acubirth course.

After the course I felt enthusiastic but I also thought I might not be able to do it very well. However, I’ve noticed that it’s all in the practice of finding the points and using them. There are no side effects, it’s always worth trying because if it works for that woman, it’s like magic.

There was this woman who had been pushing for hours and her baby just wasn’t descending. I’d just taken over from someone else who’d had her in every position they could try but nothing was working. I said let’s try some acupressure. So we did and the baby descended and she had her baby in less than an hour and they were looking at going to theatre at that point.

I believe you ladies really want what’s best for women and want to genuinely help them. That’s what midwifery is all about, passing on techniques that work, not holding information close to our chest. If we can help one more woman have a vaginal birth, then we’ve done our job.

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Special bonuses that come with this

Teleseminar HOME STUDY Course:

Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps, Births & Babies


A Natural Kids’ First-Aid Manual (Value: $120)

The manual covers natural remedies (acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathics) for symptoms like tummy aches and pains, colic, runny poos, constipation, coughs, colds & flus, fevers and ear infections. Learn how to deal with these symptoms naturally so you strengthen their digestive and immune systems rather than compromise them.

An anti-colic breastfeeding food guide (Value: $85)

This information is great to have and use six weeks prior to birth and then for at least the first three months of baby’s life. It lists all the foods that can give your new baby a grumbly tummy, so it’s the perfect preventative for colic.

A 1hr talk on the Three Essential Ingredients to Creating a Beautiful Birth (Value: $85)

Nadine Richardson founder of SheBirths goes into detail on what those essential ingredients are and how pregnant women can attain them.

A special discount on our Acubirth lanyards ($15 discount)

We are discounting lanyards that we have designed that feature the points you need to use and remember for pregnancy and birth. They are awesome and will help you to jog your memory at the crucial moment when it comes to dealing with clients. Imagine having all the info you need right at your fingertips! A quick flash of the card and you’re ready to go. This will help you to utilise all of the points you now know to deliver great results for your clients. We usually sell them for $29.95 but we’re giving them to you for the bargain price of $14.95.



We are donating 5% of profits from sales to the
International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)

because we are passionate about women’s rights and they are taking incredible action against gender inequality.


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“What if I don’t have time for this right now?”

We totally understand what it’s like to wear many hats, being midwives, mothers, partners, sisters, friends… you want to know that a course you sign up for is really going to be the right course for you. The great thing about this course is that you complete it on your clock, when you have the time. That means you can start now or later. You will always have access to it once you purchase it as you can download all the materials and keep them forever.

If you can easily wait another year before learning these techniques that will greatly improve women’s experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, then maybe this isn’t for you. But if you’re keen to learn these effective and powerful techniques to increase inner confidence and authority in women, then you’ll be ready to take the next step now. They really do make an enormous difference in such a safe, quick and holistic way.

“How long will it take to complete?”

The course would take you on average 16.5 hours to complete and that includes all lectures and all the homework. That’s the amount of time we’ve worked out for it and so it’s accredited for 16.5 CPD points and 1.65 CEU’s depending on where you are in the world. It’s good to space out the lectures if you can by at least a week to have time for the knowledge to sink in and for you to practice the acupressure points on people.

“But I don’t have the money for this right now.”

We know what that feels like, that’s why we’ve created some payment plans to make it easier for you to commit and not be out of pocket in the process. We know that throughout the year you’re required to take part in a number of courses to make up your CPD or CEU allowance for the year, so why not do it from the comfort of your own home? What could be easier and more cost efficient, no travel expenses, no accommodation, no meals out. It makes too much sense not to!

“I’m not convinced I’ll be able to use the acupressure points without you showing me face to face.”

You will have a detailed workbook for every session with photographs that make it crystal clear on where the points are. We teach you how to find the right point so you will know for sure you’re on the right spot. We’ve had LOTS of practice describing acupressure points to people so they know exactly what we’re talking about. Not all of our clients are in Sydney, so often we are giving instructions over the phone. We are confident in ourselves and you and know we’ll be able to teach you as we’ve done it many times before.

“What if I’ve already completed a live Acubirth workshop?”

This workshop will give you a broader spectrum of juicy information that covers pregnancy and birth as well as the postnatal period, the baby and of course – you – the all important self-care knowledge. Not only will we be discussing acupressure points but we will delve deeper into Chinese medicine explaining how it works and why it will help. We will uncover little-known tips from this ancient eastern philosophy that will make your client’s pregnancy smoother, birth more enjoyable and motherhood an easier transition.

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results our clients and us have created with the online programs we teach.

You must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results. Your success depends on your commitment level and your amount of practice time using the techniques. There is no guarantee you will achieve the same results represented on our course information page. However, the stories and testimonials we have provided are real success stories from our participants.

We promise to deliver high-quality content and training. We’re confident you will receive more than enough value.   We’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program at no risk.

After the first class, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund from the course, within 10 days from your date of purchase (for a home study program with a flexible starting date) or 10 days from the course commencement date (for a live course with a specified starting date). If you’ve paid upfront you’ll receive the full amount back into the account from which you made the purchase. If you’ve elected to pay by instalments you’ll receive the amount we’ve deducted since your date of purchase.

We do not provide refunds for any other reason, as we are 100% committed to delivering a top-quality course.

Please find our full terms and conditions here and our privacy policy here.

pregnancy acupressure for midwives doulas and birth workers - lotus flower

“Sounds good, so what’s my investment?”

Learning these simple yet effective techniques and tips is one of the most powerful things you can do for the woman in your care in order to empower her, give her more choice and develop her inner authority in readiness for birthing and motherhood.  Doing a general live acupressure course could cost anywhere from $600 to $2000 and this would teach you about general conditions and most likely not touch pregnancy and certainly not birth or the postnatal period.

We have both been working within the field of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period for a combined 20 years. Not only do we have all our academic study behind us but we have all our clinic hours and direct hands-on experience with this special time in a woman’s life.

Our vision is to make these powerful techniques available to women everywhere, to improve their experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, so that children get the best start in life and their mums are fully supported through this important life-changing transition. We are incredibly passionate about our course as we have seen the changes firsthand as well as through our clients.

The value of this program plus bonuses is $1093.00

Your discounted tuition is just $497 


We also have a monthly payment plan: 3 payments of $197 AUD


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Payment plan option:
3 payments of $197 AUD

Instalments taken every 30 days, equals total $591 AUD.

(Make sure your credit card has at least 3 months more left on its expiry for this option.)

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“The sign of a successful midwife is listening to your gut and learning what you need to improve the pregnancy-birthing-mothering experience of the women in your care.”

Our clients have let us know what a positive impact these techniques have had on their clients. In many cases they were initially sceptical but when they put those feelings aside and gave it a real go, they were amazed at the results they were able to achieve with their clients. The women achieved the birth they so wished for and it was extremely rewarding for them.

So if you’re wondering if you can afford to do this course right now, the question is, can you afford not to?

This program is your ticket to achieving real results for your clients and inner rewards for yourself − happier clients, better birth outcomes, more babies being birthed naturally, and a much greater sense of satisfaction for your work.

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Yes! I’m ready to learn easy hands-on techniques that will improve my clients’ birth and empower them.

I know I will receive:

  • The Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps, Births & Babies course which is accredited for 16.5 CPD points (ACM), 1.65 CEUs (ACNM) (You will receive your certificate upon completion of the course which requires submission of weekly tasks, two case studies, a consent form and a feedback form.)
  • Five detailed booklets for each TeleClass with photographs (Value: $197) so it’s crystal clear what I am learning.
  • Access to recordings of every class (Value: $197) which I can download to my computer to listen to at any time now or in the future.
  • Access to our secret online community where you can submit your tasks as well as ask questions so you can integrate what you are learning into your practice. Get answers direct from Naomi & Rebecca. (Value: $197)
  • Receive personal feedback from Naomi with your case studies. (Value:$197)
  • Bonus #1 (Value: $120) Natural Kids’ First-Aid Manual.
  • Bonus #2 (Value: $85) An anti-colic breastfeeding food guide.
  • Bonus #3 ($15 discount) on amazing new AcuBirth and AcuBump cards for lanyards which show you the acupressure points in an instant that are the best to use for your clients in any given situation.
  • Bonus #4 (Value: $85) A 1hr talk on the Three Essential Ingredients to Creating a Beautiful Birth.
  • As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your bonuses and access to all your course materials. If you don’t, please first check your junk mail folder and if it’s not in there, email info@redtent.com.au. Make sure rebecca@acubirth.com.au and info@redtent.com.au are in your contacts so you receive all the emails.
  • When you complete the course you will be issued with a certificate stating your CPD or CEU points gained.
  • You can start this course whenever you like – it’s completely up to you.
  • 5% of profits will be donated to the International Women’s Development Agency on your behalf.



Read our Terms and Conditions of purchase


Payment plan option:

3 payments of $197 AUD
Instalments taken every 30 days, equals total $591 AUD.

(Make sure your credit card has at least 3 months more left on its expiry for this option.)

Read our Terms and Conditions of purchase

Please note: Our course has longevity and can be accessed at any point in the future – you can complete the course and receive professional recognition for your studies whenever you choose. If you opt to pay by instalments, once you provide your credit card details and place your order we are legally authorised to continue to take payments from your card until your full payment amount is reached. We do not provide refunds or grant payment cessation for change of mind or personal circumstance outside of the 14 day refund policy period. The only reason we would provide a refund outside of this time frame is if for some reason we are not able to uphold our end of the terms of sale, for example, if our course is no longer professionally accredited.


Still Have Questions?

Ask us any questions about our Ancient Secrets for Better Birthing TeleClass course and we’ll help you to get clear on whether it’s right for you.

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, one of our Acubirth team will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

We so much look forward to supporting you.

Our warmest wishes for your success,

Naomi Abeshouse & Rebecca Mar Young
Red Tent Health Centre – Your Eastern Birthing Mentors

Authors of the Forthcoming Book
Hands-on Birth: Eastern Wisdom & Acupressure for a Beautiful Birth

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P.S. There are ten acupressure points that are super handy to know and be able to use with your clients to transform their pregnancy, birth and journey to motherhood. You will learn all of these in our course. Click here to get started.