Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

It was perinatal depression and anxiety awareness week 2017 last week. ABC Radio National had a great discussion about how perinatal depression and anxiety affects men too, and the chat got me thinking...   What is Perinatal Depression? Let's start at the beginning. The perinatal period applies from conception … [Read more...]

Why Eat the Placenta?

  It was once considered a radical idea to eat the placenta after giving birth. But the idea of eating one’s placenta has gained a lot of interest recently. It’s becoming more commonplace.   Is it Really a Good Idea to Eat the Placenta? It is widely known that most mammals eat their placenta after … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Sauerkraut At Home

What’s the easy way to boost immunity and look after yourself? Make your own sauerkraut! (And eat it!) If you're a midwife, sauerkraut is a cost-effective, highly nourishing way to top up your tank all year round but especially during night shift periods when you are super depleted. A strong, healthy gut will help … [Read more...]

Professional, Creative Office Space for Lease in Bondi Beach

Beautiful, Professional Studio Space for Rent at Bondi Beach We have a gorgeous room available to rent in Bondi’s Red Tent Health Centre! It would suit a creative or professional woman who is keen to have a great lifestyle whilst she works. Suitable for a creative space, office space or art studio. Separate office … [Read more...]

Managing Fear and Anxiety During Birth

  Fear and anxiety during birth can be quite an issue for mothers. Speaking to midwives, it seems that pregnant women typically fall into two main camps: 1. Those who take their birth seriously, want to learn everything about it, read up on it, go to classes and do everything possible to be prepared. 2. … [Read more...]

Are You Running On Empty? Midwife Self-Care

You’re racing to the hospital to help deliver babies, you’re up half the night on shift, you’re most likely also caring for your own children or others in your family, as you’re just good at that kinda stuff, it’s your thing. And there’s not much time left for you, nor energy left in your tank. Sound … [Read more...]

Birth Stories Across Generations – Reflections from the 2016 Normal Labour and Birth Conference

  Dr Lesley Kay is a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at the Kingston & St George's University of London. She presented her talk, Hearing stories of birth in pregnancy: A hermeneutic phenomenological study of women’s experiences across two generations, at the 2016 Normal Labour and Birth Conference and I’m just … [Read more...]

Oxytocin for Birth: The Orgasmic Formula Every Midwife Should Recommend

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that getting a woman’s oxytocin flowing prior to and during birth is only going to be helpful. There are many ways to do encourage the flow of oxytocin for birth and I hear women talking about them quite a bit – nipple stimulation, massage, acupressure, sex – but I wonder if … [Read more...]

Dried Dates to Prepare for Birth

Naomi Abeshouse Benko 6 Dates a Day! If you have a client who is nearing the end of her pregnancy, it's time to suggest 6 dates a day. No, not dates of the Tinder variety! But she can now enjoy eating the lovely, super sweet dried fruit. A client asked me about eating dried dates to prepare for birth a little while … [Read more...]

Improving Immunity While Shift Working

  Improving immunity while shift working is important for you, and tricky. Although much of the research into the link between sleep and immunity is inconclusive, you know that when you’re sleep deprived you feel run down, and this is often the time when that cold, flu, digestive disturbance or migraine sets in. In … [Read more...]