In Utero: An Honest Review of the Film

Rebecca Mar Young I went to see the In Utero film recently in Randwick at a special screening. I thought going in that it was more for people like myself who are passionate about birth and pregnancy. I was surprised to find that I was wrong. This film is important for us all: women, men, mothers, fathers,  Read More >

Perspectives on Safety During Labour – from the 11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference 2016

By Rebecca Mar Young Following on from my last post on the 11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference 2016, I wanted to share some important information that stayed with me and had a lasting impact. Margaret McCormick, a midwife educator from Melbourne who is currently undertaking a PhD, talked about women’s perception of  Read More >

Acupressure to Ease Birthing Mother’s Distress

  In a wonderful example of the power of acupressure, our student, Midwife of 29 years, Sarah Jobson, used points she'd learned in our accredited home study program for midwives on her birthing client. Not only did she ease the birthing mother's distress, she helped the baby descend and get the mum back into the  Read More >

11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference

By Rebecca Mar Young I enjoy hanging out with midwives. They are some of the most grounded people on earth and they have a solidarity and calmness about them that I admire. I got to hang out with a lot of them recently at the 11th Normal Labour and Birth Conference I attended in Sydney. It was awesome and completely  Read More >

Acupressure to Ease Mastitis and Breast Pain

Midwife Bella Becker is a graduate of our acupressure course for midwives, Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps Births and Babies. She shared with us a case study in which she applied her new knowledge and used acupressure to ease mastitis and breast pain in her client who had recently given birth.   This woman  Read More >

Qi for Beginners – Chinese Medicine in Focus

  When I first heard about Qi I thought it was weird and mysterious and just a little bit cool. I didn’t get it. I really didn’t get it. Qi, for beginners, can be such an abstract concept to get your head around. I can safely say after four years of study and ten years of practising and treating clients, I now  Read More >

Acupressure for Natural Induction

  An acupressure for birth case study by Sarah Jobson, midwife of 28 years, Sydney. Sarah's use of acupressure for natural induction not only helped her client resume her stalled labour, it gave her strength and confidence during her birth when she needed it most. Learn how to use acupressure to help your clients  Read More >

The Best Acupressure Point for Morning Sickness

  Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness and pregnancy nausea. Even if it’s not super debilitating for her, it can still be there on some level just eating away at her energy and interfering with her efforts to have a positive pregnancy experience. Morning sickness and nausea completely take away from  Read More >

The Magic of Acupressure for Birth

  The following is a case study from Maria Diaz, Midwife of 6 years, as part of her course work for our accredited acupressure course for midwives and birth professionals. We love that Maria's experience shows that acupressure for birth can indeed be quite magical! Mrs A was a gravida two para one who came  Read More >

How I Turned My Breech Baby Using Natural Methods

During pregnancy, a baby in breech position is upright instead of facing head-down. At the Red Tent we have helped many women turn their breech baby using natural methods so that their bub is in an optimal position for birth. Being an acupuncturist who has enjoyed the privilege of touching so many pregnant bellies over  Read More >