Oxytocin for Birth: The Orgasmic Formula Every Midwife Should Recommend

Oxytocin for birth

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that getting a woman’s oxytocin flowing prior to and during birth is only going to be helpful. There are many ways to do encourage the flow of oxytocin for birth and I hear women talking about them quite a bit – nipple stimulation, massage, acupressure, sex – but I wonder if we are missing the most potent ingredient in the oxytocin for birth formula?

I set myself the task of asking every pregnant woman I see at the Red Tent clinic what she’s been told to do to increase that wonderful love hormone, oxytocin. Many of the women report back with some combination of the above.

Orgasmic Oxytocin for Birth

But when I ask them about orgasm and whether anyone has mentioned it as a way to stimulate oxytocin and encourage labour to begin, it’s often no. Sex, yes – but orgasm, no.

I go on to tell them that orgasms can be helpful in the lead-up to birth and during pre labour. Their ears prick up. I explain that what got the baby conceived in the first place can also help get the baby out. Many women are not up for complete sex at this point but they are interested when I mention that having orgasms need not involve anything too active. There are many options in the world of orgasms… it could be from their partner, from themselves or even from a discreet vibrator. Let’s face it – at this time in a heavily pregnant woman’s life, she doesn’t need to do any more work.

At this point in the discussion she will often say, I’ve never thought of that, I wouldn’t know where to get one, if I don’t have to do any work I’m interested, I’m happy to look into it.

I’ve been telling heavily pregnant women about the wonders of orgasms for stimulating oxytocin for birth and labour for over two years now and I’ve had women come back in to the clinic who have given it a try with some wonderful results. There are many elements that go into a smooth-flowing awesome birth but increasing her oxytocin levels will have positive ramifications for all the other efforts she is making. It’s a winning formula with nothing but good outcomes for all involved!

Orgasms for Oxytocin – A Recommendation, Not a Prescription

I should say, I don’t automatically tell everyone to go out and have orgasms to get birth started as I first ask how they are feeling about the birth and take it from there. That question gives me a lot of detail on how they’re planning to handle their delivery and so I can tailor what I say to suit how they want to birth.

I see my job as supporting pregnant women to have the best outcome for them, and to feel in control and in charge of themselves and their decisions. I also see my job as educating pregnant women about possibilities that they may not have considered nor know about so that they have real choice – which is where my discreet orgasm talk comes in.

Many of the women I see have done some sort of birth prep course like SheBirths, CalmBirth or hospital classes, so they’re already empowered, eager and interested to learn how they can manage their birthing process.

If the women in your care are interested to learn more about orgasms and oxytocin, this post is for them! I’ve had a lot of interest over the years and thought it time I should write about it!

As a midwife, do you ever suggest orgasms to the women in your care as a way to get labour started and oxytocin flowing?

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